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Swedish Massage 30 Mins $65 

The classic Western massage style, using oil and a variety of massage strokes to increase circulation, range of motion, a feeling of tranquility, and heightened well-being. It is the basis for many specialty styles of massage, such as deep tissue, sports, and pregnancy. Your therapist will modify the massage to suit your needs.

Therapeutic Massage 60 Mins $130

The art of manipulating the underlying tissue of the dermal layer using deep strokes and friction. Benefits: Reduces pain, Optimizes joint mobility/flexibility and muscle length and capacity, Improves posture, Decreases stress, and improves mood. It aids in lowering high blood pressure and reduces arthritis symptoms.

Hot Stone Massage 30 Mins $65 

Stone therapy massage is a complex and highly therapeutic massage that focuses on the ability stones have to retain specific temperatures. Hot
stones are used for relaxing and releasing tense muscles. Salt stones are used for easing pain and soreness. Cold stones are used for reducing
swelling and relieving pain as well.

Reiki $95 | 60 Mins   (Oncology Discount 1 hour $60)

This is an ancient Japanese modality to promote healing within the body via meditative frequencies sent from a practitioner. This modality is a complimentary wellness modality for improving mental and emotional well-being within the client and has been known to be beneficial when implemented for Oncological regimens. (Not a replacement for medical care)

Aromatherapy Massage 50 Mins $110 | 90 Mins $160

This modality focuses on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Each section of the body is first warmed with a hot towel compress to release tension and soothe soreness. A moisturizing oil blend infused with essential oils is then applied with relaxing massage techniques for what can only be described as a luscious experience.

Cupping Therapy 30 Mins $80

Cupping is an ancient massage modality that incorporates the application of negative pressure via suction from cups. This therapy causes a detoxing effect that may improve mood and invigorate the body. Other benefits include improved circulation, the release of tension, and pain relief.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage $110 | 90 Mins $160

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a style of massage that utilizes light pressure and feather and air-brushing strokes to detox the accumulation of bodily waste and toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Extend a massage service with any of the following additional treatments | 30 Mins $30
Face Massage

Finish off your service with a therapeutic massage that focuses on massaging pressure points on the neck, face, ears, and scalp.

Hot Towel Treatment

Detox and warm up tense muscles with hot towel compresses prior to your selected massage service.


Extend a massage with a treatment that may invigorate by stimulating pressure points on hands and feet.

While you wait | 20  Minutes $35
Stimulating Foot Massage

Here’s a chance to reward your feet for supporting you all day. Have your feet soaked in a soothing aromatic bath. Next, we exfoliate them with an invigorating scrub. Then we thoroughly massage your legs and feet with a soothing lotion specially designed to stimulate and moisturize. Your feet will have you dancing down the street.

Revitalizing Back Relief

Your back will be cleansed with a stimulating body scrub. A warm herbal compress will be added to soothe and calm. Then you will receive a special massage designed to increase circulation and flexibility. You will be doing back-flips out of the spa!

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