Foot Spa Detox 35 Mins $45

The OPTIMUM ionic cleanse detox foot bath creates an ionization osmosis environment running negative ions through your body pulling & attracting the positively charged impurities, heavy metals, etc out through the feet into the saline charged solution in the bath. The energized ionized water runs through your body bringing the body’s chi & meridians back into balance where one might feel energized & relaxed. Impurities are pulled from the body, improving the body’s natural resilience.

Exfoliating Body Scrub 30 Mins $65

To maintain healthy looking skin, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin should be removed – which is why a full body exfoliation is the perfect treatment. With a luxurious body polish of your choosing our therapist will perform a full body exfoliation followed by a light massage using an essential oil infused body butter. This treatment will brighten, smooth and hydrate your skin.

Back Facial 60 Mins $149

This calming “back facial” deeply cleanses, balances, and normalizes problem areas while improving the appearance of blemished skin. Imperfections are reduced and an often-neglected area is left radiant and refreshed.

Noblerex K1 10 Mins $15

Platinum Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Exercise Machine

Infrared Sauna 30 Mins $25

Stimulates the body to release toxins through the pores more effectively than any other form of therapy exercise.

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